Tweateries is a fun way to see what
nearby restaurants are saying on social media

See daily specials, fresh local offerings, special hours and more.
Perfect for foodies, locavores, or anyone looking to explore the local food scene!

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Cities we cover

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Portland, ME.
More coming soon!
To request that an eatery be added please use the form on this website.

Great app features

Explore local restaurants and their social media posts via lists of most recent and nearest posts, or use the interactive map. Favorite specific restaurants for quick access and receive notifications when they have a new post. Search for specific cravings like oysters or burgers to find unexpected offerings. Search terms like "Cinco de Mayo" to see special events.

Huge dataset

Custom database of over 1,600 restaurants and 2,400 social media accounts in major US cities.
Hundreds of thousands of geotagged and searchable tweets.
New restaurants added frequently.